Website Layout

A website layout should be very amazing and interesting. The more USER-FRIENDLY your website is, the more people will love visiting your website.

HCI : Human Computer Interaction is the major part of all websites & mobile apps, So when you are creating a website make sure that it is completely user-friendly, having an awesome interface and gives great user experience.

To achieve this you must create a PROTOTYPE of your web or mobile app.

Website Paper Prototype


It is so fun, as it helps in making creative layouts,  You will understand how and where to put any button, icon, or media. I really enjoy this designing phase in all my projects. Below is an example of a mobile application prototype you have the liberty to create any design anything you wish and it is so handy that you can easily change it anytime.

Website Paper Prototype


A paper prototype is best for this purpose, just draw what you are thinking and how you want your website should be. After creating one prototype give it to people to check the usability, ask them to use your product. If they feel comfortable using your interface then you have achieved  best HCI.

No matter what kind of product (website or mobile app) you are making always test it before launching into the market and make sure that your product has best UI and UX.


your suggestions and comments will be greatly loved.

Link your blog/website in the comments below if you want me to check User Interface and User EXPERIENCE of your blog/website.



10 thoughts on “Website Layout

  1. I really liked the idea of using paper to design and test your blog! Simple, practical and effective! As for your blog, I got a little confused with the hidden tabs. At first, I thought that there were no comments. You may consider making some things more simple and obvious. Visitors usually don’t have that much time to explore all hidden items. Of course, that’s my opinion. I may be wrong. 🙂 You should ask yourself what would you do if you visited a similar site. Other than that, I liked your blog and your happy attitude!

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    1. Exactly … I was worried about this, because reader won’t explore my site and stay long for searching this… Actually I wanted to switch my theme but there’s some issue as themes ain’t loading .. I am waiting to change to a highly user friendly site .
      Thank you so much for lovely suggestions…
      Yes paper prototyping is awesome ..

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  2. I really liked the paper experiments. xD
    This theme looks cool, but, in my opinion, it’s a bit too “sophisticated” for the regular user. I think it’s more suitable for art blogs, maybe? My advice would be to go for something simple and elegant. Something that would showcase your articles, make suggestions to your readers, and last, but not least, something pleasant for the eye, not too sparkly or colorful. (From this point of view, the colors you have on this theme -Spun- are okay, but it’s not that good because of the hidden tabs.) It’s best to have black writing on white paper (screen, in this case), and then something else in the background, if you want. 😀
    I would recommend something like Penscratch, or Lovecraft, or Libretto, or maybe Fiore? There are a bunch of really cool free themes around. 😀 I hope you’ll find the one that suits your taste~

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    1. Yes, you are right. Actulay there’s some issues with my theme cutomizer, As themes are not loading and I am unable to change it 😦 A bit sad.. But I loved your suggestions.. I have shortlisted few themes and as i get the problem solved I will switch to some compatiable theme .. 🙂

      Many many thanks for your kind suggestions ..

      Join the poll above 🙂

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