Say yes to Hard-work!

Many times we just get upset of our work and think about the results, assuming ourselves so passive and obtuse. We feel we are spending more time to achieve what we want, and start comparing ourselves with other.

It happened to me one week ago while I was working on my mobile application which is a photo editor, I named it “Edito”. I realized that I am going very slow and if I keep doing same I won’t complete it before time. This thought made me anxious and tensed, I was sad and start roaming at my incubation center. While I was thinking, I saw a quote on the wall which boosted me and made me realize that what I am thinking and presuming is totally wrong, in vain and what I am doing is right and it requires time to build up an application which is equipped with things that I haven’t done before.

The quote is:

Greatness takes time




So, if you ever feel bad about your working speed just take a look at what you are doing? If you are on the way to build something very special and unique then don’t worry about the time spend a quality time over your work to give a fine product to others.

If you are a new blogger and finding that your hard-work isn’t working like others, then you should look at the bright side of the picture. Keep calm and Just do your work. Share with others and ask for feedback. One day you will get your desired fine product in your hands.

If you are a young blogger and worried about how to set up your blog and share your ideas then you must read this Road to blogging.

Best of Luck!

Please give your feedback and suggestions.

35 thoughts on “Say yes to Hard-work!

  1. Thank you very much for this blog, I found it very inspiring as I am a new blogger just starting out and trying to find my feet. It feels good to have another blogger inspire others to keep cool and calm whilst trying to find there feet here, all the best with your good work


  2. Hard work pays off, it’s the same when you plan for an amazing travel, you need to have patience and should be working your ass out for your budget if you’re a corporate employee. It may take time though, but for sure, it would be priceless. 🙂


  3. Nowadays, I’ve been thinking about what to do with my life and what do I do best. I was not sure of it. I see others who excels on something but I don’t feel like I have that. Then I thought, maybe I’m not working hard on it. They focus and work hard on what they do and maybe that’s something that I lack. Thanks for this!


  4. I love the mood of your blog. Very light and motivating. Sometimes I tend to rush on things but then again, youre right. I have to spend my quality time for a special project. My son wasnt born right away. He stayed in my womb for nine months to fully develop. Thanks for teaching or rather reminding me to be patient. Your blog is such an inspiration.


  5. Super motivating! I always try to tell myself that time doesn’t matter, but impatience gets to me and I always want results right away. I have to learn that being patient will give me the results I want.

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  6. It’s always great to see positivity coming in the form of a post. Keep plugging away at your app and I’m sure the final product will be excellent.

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  7. I love this, it’s very honest and eye opening. Time truly is not the enemy. Sometimes it can be discouraging when we look back and realize we’ve spent so much time and effort with very little to show for it. I enjoyed this post 🙂 it reminded me that we shouldn’t give up on something simply because it’s “taking too long” to accomplish. Also I really like the quote! 🙂 I believe that once your app is complete it will be something great. I wish you all the best with your app 🙂

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    1. I am glad you enjoyed my post!! .. you comment is so encouraging<3 yes I am working hard over my app but I am sure it will be a good product for others 🙂


  8. It is good to realize that great things need time….just look at the Pyramids… It is good to take your work serious and wish to make the things not good, but very good and if for this you need to spend a lot of time…just do it! Thanks

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  9. Yes, greatness does take time! And success comes only with hard work! But the results of hard work are always so rewarding! So, keep up the good work and don’t worry about time. The results will compensate for all the time you are spending now working! Do not give up! Not ever! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this motivating post!

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    1. Thank you rodanthi, really loved your comment ❤ … I am glad that you like my post…. I completely agree with you .. We must concentrate on quality ❤ As quality = best product!

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  10. This is exactly what I needed right now. Motivation, for I need to do an assignment for school. D:
    I have almost forgotten about that quote! Thanks for reminding me of it~

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  11. You are so right, I shouldn’t get worked up and anxious if I cannot create my post in a certain amount of time. I am working on it and putting in effort and care and it will get done, there is no need to rush. Thanks! 🙂

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