Hack your way into writing your first ever book.

Hello, everybody! Thank you for your interest in Wednesday tips and tricks. On last Monday 11, April. I started this section and I am so excited that I have received a tremendous response and lots of people have submitted their great tips.  Thank you for participating!

Today’s Tip is shared by Afshan Fatima.

Name: Afshan Fatima

Occupation: Student

Title: Hack your way into writing your first ever book.

Tips & Tricks:

So I’m writing my first ever book. So here are a few tips I found really beneficial on keeping the flow going.
1) Create character sketches all the details and give a illustrator to give these characters a face and a body
Once you have got a good image of them you can start picturing them in the scenes that you write.
2) Write your story in scenes we can work around it later on, the narration part I mean. That way you have time enough to think of a more elaborate description of the scene, the people involved and the setting.
3) Of course the language matters.
British English or American English (grey or gray, colour or color)
4) The person you write it in. First person ‘I’ or the third person outside the story narration.
5) Don’t finalise on anything as we start writing and working on our story. New ideas develop and we may completely change the course of which the story is heading
6)Always carry around post it notes or a small notebook to write down ideas. You never know what inspires you when you are out.
7) If you can’t come up with names of people or places. Use generators. There are so many such websites.
8) There are websites that help you get all the material about your book together. From the scenes to the characters and they even have built in name and character generators.
9) To get to know your characters better. Create a questionnaire more like a interview with the character and see where that leads you to.
10) Once you are done with writing it. Give your book to the realist friend of yours to get an honest feedback without the sugar coating.
Good luck 🙂

I just loved her coolest trick, I am sure you will also love it. Must visit Afshan‘s blog there is lots more to explore. 🙂

Thank you, Afshan Fatima.

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8 thoughts on “Hack your way into writing your first ever book.

  1. Nice tips! When writing, I generally just go with the flow. Last time I tried planning a story, nothing happened as planned. It all went in a totally different direction. I also give characters names as I go.
    I think this whole planning matter depends pretty much on how writers are like.

    The questionnaire idea, that’s cool. I saw it somewhere else too, I mean some of my acquaintances use it. I actually planned on trying it out as well, but again, I ended up going with the flow. XD
    (Sorry if this comment doesn’t make much sense. I’m so tired, I can barely see what I’m typing.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great mei. . Everything will be executed in a great way if we do some planning… we must analyze the problem then find its solution before moving towards designing and development/creation phase… so that we get a perfect end result which we could manage easily In future with further enhancements.. 🙂 and I simply loved afshan’s idea :))

      Liked by 1 person

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