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Say goodbye to the stink of puke!

Hello everybody, So here is Wednesday. How are you all doing? My world is going amazing, working over my 3D (First Person Shooter) game.

Tell me how are you feeling today on the scale of 1-10!! in the comments below. I am feeling 9.999 and so excited that it is Wednesday and my Tips and Tricks section going awesome that I have ever expected.

Today’s Trick is brought to you by Marilyn Nicholas, must visit her blog she has amazing articles to read. I love her post “Once upon a time in a tree-house”

This trick is much different from other tricks I share on every Wednesday, but since I have mommies in my Newswire community. I am sure it will be much helpful for them.


Name: Marilyn Nicholas

Occupation: Mom by daytime, Writer by nap-time

Tips and Tricks Title: Say goodbye to the stink of puke!

Tips & Tricks: Kids puke. At the most unexpected and inconvenient times…On everything and anything, including you. And it stinks to hell and back!
One of the best tips I learnt after becoming a parent was how to get rid of the post-puke stench. Anyone who deals with puke regularly will tell you, no matter how many times you wipe with soap water, it will stink. The best way is …

Mix some sodium bicarbonate with water and use the solution to wipe/wash the puke area. Voila – no more smell in seconds!

Thank you, Marilyn Nicholas. Wish you all the nest for your amazing  work.

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5 thoughts on “Say goodbye to the stink of puke!

    1. Hello, Mariywrites. You are most welcome, Yes your tip would be so helpful for mommies.. thank you for sharing 🙂
      And thanks a lot, I have published a new post, I hope you will love it. ❤

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