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The Most Non-Terrifying Incident Ever

On 100+ followers I asked my readers to write a “Guest post” and I am so glad that you all participated and showed your amazing support. I am much encouraged and delighted. So out of so many posts I am posting this amazing article, written by  Jamie Jacob.

Thank you Jamie, I really loved your post.

So here is the original content:

First of all, congratulations on hitting 100 followers! You deserve every one of them and more. Even though your site is fairly new, it looks very professional.

I don’t know whether you’ll decide to publish my entry but even if you don’t, I’ll be satisfied I took the gander. Here goes –

“The Most Non-Terrifying Incident Ever

I was scarfing down my aunt’s homemade baked doughnuts while simultaneously looking through photos of one of my favorite k-pop bands on my phone because what better way to pass precious time usefully? (school starts in about 2 weeks and I’ll be slammed with schoolwork and I will regret this so much ahahahaha I am going to die). Suddenly, a drop of water fell on my phone.

My initial thought was ‘ Water? On the phone? NOOO’ I know, I know. First world problems. Sue me but I have a very close relationship with my phone. The laptop is out of bounds because my sister has claimed it as her territory ever since I introduced her to Korean dramas. Honestly, I should’ve seen it coming.

I started wiping the screen frantically and was reminded of this cringe incident from a year ago.

I was in class and the girls seated towards the back of the class started complaining that water was falling on their faces. Everybody assumed that they were just playing around but they kept insisting that it was the truth. Then, the boys started putting the pieces together. Apparently, the guy sitting behind the group of girls had a habit of spitting whenever he spoke. You’d think that such an accusation would generate some sort of rise from him.

He didn’t deny any of it.

The whole class replied with cringes, groans and face-palms. The usual. It was quite a while before our professor could continue the class.

I turned around but found no one behind me. I decided to make like Elsa and let it go and went back to scrolling downwards. Again. Another drop on my finger.

I looked up. No leaks in the ceiling. At this point I was half mumbling, half speaking ‘water. water is falling on me? What? How? What is happening?’. Basically I sounded like a whack-job. Hey, what else is new?

I did a few karate kicks just to get the ‘attack of invisible individual’ possibility out of my head. Invisible individual. Try saying that five times. Really fast. (I just tried it. It was easier than I expected)

All of the above mentioned actions were carried out in my dining room. My family had no questions. I don’t know whether to be upset about that or relieved. My cousin was laughing her head off though. (She wasn’t the culprit. I’d checked her hands and they were perfectly dry)

In the end, I decided to just ignore it because none of my wise tactics seemed to be working. Back to my phone.

Surprise, surprise. Again. Another drop of the good ol’ H2O on my finger. That was it. I was done.

‘Mum, water is falling on me. Water. And the ceiling’s not even leaking! I am facing a crisis. MUM!’ I stated like the mature elder daughter I was.

She just looked at me and said ‘Maybe there was some on your head’. Uh.

I raised my hand to my hair and it was met with a small pool of water contained by the rat’s nest that is my hair. My mouth started forming an ‘O’ as I tried to figure out – ‘HOW?’

A vague memory arose. A very vague memory of my sister pouring the last drops of water from her glass on my head. My mind was busy with other more important stuff (this, my dear, is called ‘lying through your teeth’) and I hadn’t even bothered. Go me.

So what was the point of this article, you ask? Well, it was mainly written to assure you that however stupid you may THINK you are (trust me, if you’re here reading this amazing blog, you’re NOT), you can always come back and read this and be assured that the mere assumption of your incapability is RIDICULOUS. Take it from me, the self proclaimed genius detective-tress. Oh, there’s no such word? Goshdang it.

*Hope you enjoyed reading this! This was so much fun to write and I wonder if it reflected in my article. Have an amazing day.*”

Ah, I hope you liked it. This was a lot of fun. Thank you for this opportunity. Anyway, congrats again on your achievement. Have a great day. I’ll be here, nervously awaiting your reply.

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