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Once Upon A Time!

Once upon a time, during summer vacations I decided to make new friends (birds). I bought new pots for birds and some beautiful bird houses and placed them on the roof. The next day I went upstairs along with bird food and filled all the pots and waited for birds to come and enjoy what… Continue reading Once Upon A Time!

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The Most Non-Terrifying Incident Ever

On 100+ followers I asked my readers to write a “Guest post” and I am so glad that you all participated and showed your amazing support. I am much encouraged and delighted. So out of so many posts I am posting this amazing article, written by  Jamie Jacob. Thank you Jamie, I really loved your… Continue reading The Most Non-Terrifying Incident Ever

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DIY-Turning Your Scarf Into A Vest

Hello, everybody! Thank you for your interest in Wednesday tips and tricks. On this Monday 11, April. I started this section and I am so excited that I have received tremendous response and lots of people have submitted their great tips.  Thank you for participating! Today’s Tip is shared by Izzley.. Name: Izzley Occupation: Blogger Tip: I have a… Continue reading DIY-Turning Your Scarf Into A Vest

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Wednesday-Tips and Tricks

Your brain is enriched with Tips & Tricks or some wonderful Stories & Ideas that you would love to share with Newswire Talk community? Send them our way, and I will publish the best Hacks, ideas and stories on my blog on every Wednesday. Take your time write what you like. I will pingback to your blog so that readers could visit your blog as well.

Share your TIPS & TRICKS.

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Blogging Secrets finally Revealed!

Have you ever wondered, How bloggers make money? Why are people crazily follow them? Why they have lots of subscribers? OH! so lots of comments/likes/newsletters?. What! adds one their site, they might be millionaires. Content! It’s so easy to write about anything! Bloggers just copy and paste. Their life is so easy and OMG! they are earning so… Continue reading Blogging Secrets finally Revealed!

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Why Blog ? Amazing facts about Blogging.

History Blogs have now become an important part of the online trend. Everyone read blogs whether they’re about life, work, hobbies, official news blog or topic-based blogs. Everyone follows their favorite blogs. Blogs have a very short history. The first blog was published on 1994 Links.net, at that time it was known as the personal… Continue reading Why Blog ? Amazing facts about Blogging.