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The Most Non-Terrifying Incident Ever

On 100+ followers I asked my readers to write a “Guest post” and I am so glad that you all participated and showed your amazing support. I am much encouraged and delighted. So out of so many posts I am posting this amazing article, written by  Jamie Jacob. Thank you Jamie, I really loved your… Continue reading The Most Non-Terrifying Incident Ever

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Say goodbye to the stink of puke!

Hello everybody, So here is Wednesday. How are you all doing? My world is going amazing, working over my 3D (First Person Shooter) game. Tell me how are you feeling today on the scale of 1-10!! in the comments below. I am feeling 9.999 and so excited that it is Wednesday and my Tips and… Continue reading Say goodbye to the stink of puke!

About Blogging · life · tips and tricks

DIY-Turning Your Scarf Into A Vest

Hello, everybody! Thank you for your interest in Wednesday tips and tricks. On this Monday 11, April. I started this section and I am so excited that I have received tremendous response and lots of people have submitted their great tips.  Thank you for participating! Today’s Tip is shared by Izzley.. Name: Izzley Occupation: Blogger Tip: I have a… Continue reading DIY-Turning Your Scarf Into A Vest