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The Most Non-Terrifying Incident Ever

On 100+ followers I asked my readers to write a “Guest post” and I am so glad that you all participated and showed your amazing support. I am much encouraged and delighted. So out of so many posts I am posting this amazing article, written by  Jamie Jacob. Thank you Jamie, I really loved your… Continue reading The Most Non-Terrifying Incident Ever


Say yes to Hard-work!

Many times we just get upset of our work and think about the results, assuming ourselves so passive and obtuse. We feel we are spending more time to achieve what we want, and start comparing ourselves with other. It happened to me one week ago while I was working on my mobile application which is… Continue reading Say yes to Hard-work!


Childhood –Share your Great Memories..

Childhood is a gift that everyone has, Childhood means purity full of affection, love, empathy, simplicity and all sweet, adorable things. We all have lovely childhood just recall a few memories when you were with friends on a beach, park or playing at home. Making fun things with mom, dad and siblings. Those memories always… Continue reading Childhood –Share your Great Memories..


Bored — let’s DO IT to change!

It happens many time, when we feel monotonous and dull having nothing to do or enjoy but every problem comes with a solution with  these panacea you can get out of tedious routine.  Let’s do it. 1: Let’s DIY. Many times it’s just too hard to figure out what you should do to make yourself… Continue reading Bored — let’s DO IT to change!


About – Life is amazing

Life is that the name of purpose, struggle, love, dedication and variety of feelings and emotions. Life shows its true colors with time. It depends upon you that however you look towards life and what’s your strategy of leading a perfect life. Life takes variety of turns throughout its whole span. Life might not be… Continue reading About – Life is amazing


How to be happy and smile forever.

Sometimes we just don’t know what to do in life —  we feel so alone, scrolling up our social sites, checking blogs or vlogs but finding nothing to be happy. We feel why us!!! when others are so happy. It happens to a lot of people, but every problem comes with a solution. Today’s topic… Continue reading How to be happy and smile forever.